Great food should be tasted, not wasted

Enjoy delicious meals from hundreds of restaurants and cafes for at least 50% off with the Food for All app

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Pay less

Meals are always at least
half the original price

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Save more

Save time and money by
picking up quick, easy meals

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Tastes better

Each bite contributes to a greener
planet with less food waste!

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How it works

1. Choose

from restaurants and cafes that
have extra meals close to you

2. Reserve

and pay directly through the app

3. Pick Up

your meal at the specified pickup window,
usually 1 hour before restaurants close



“App Offers Discounts at Restaurants That Have More Food Than They Can Sell”

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Useful App w/ a Purpose!

by BlueCottonCandy777, Apr 2019

"This app is meaningful, environmentally friendly. Actually useful and offers great deals and value all around. Thanks to the creators of Food For All! With gratitude, from New York"

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One of my favorite apps

by Troyguy19778, Mar 2019

"Foodforall is an incredible app that allows me to enjoy a variety of foods that I may not be able to try without breaking the bank! I love that I’m saving money and helping the environment. I hope restaurants all over this country become members and help reduce food waste and the environment. Way to go team Foodforall!"

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by ks123, October 2018

"Everyone needs to know about this app. Cheap food while doing something good. I work in Manhattan and work late sometimes so I pick up meals from restaurants on my way home and it’s amazing quality food. everyone should know about this!!"

Now available in Boston and NYC in +200 locations!

Now available in Boston
and NYC in +200 locations!


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Does your business have extra food to sell before closing?

Food for All connects individuals to tasty meals that otherwise wouldn’t have been sold, creating an extra revenue stream and eco friendly branding for your restaurant.

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