Increase profits
up to 15%

No additional costs, no additional work. Transform menu items that might otherwise get thrown away into profits with Food For All, the largest marketplace for surplus food.

More profits, less waste

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Today, most restaurants throw away ready to eat menu items at the end of the business day. This creates shrinkage, revenue loss, and various food waste costs. Our service sells your excess food to customers to eliminate food waste disposal costs and create additional profits. What might be considered trash, we turn into treasure.

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In the Door, Back for More

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Our service connects you with customers in a way coupons never will. You reduce waste, provide discounted meals and the Food For All community loves you for it. We change the perception of discounted food from low quality meals to being smarter about waste. This translates to customer loyalty at full value.

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Improve Brand Perception

Img 90 percent

Joining our service sends a strong message your business cares about overproduction. This is a value 97% of our customers care about. We accomplish this in a way that makes you money and requires no marketing spend.

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How it works

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Our testimonials

“It’s a real win-win situation. You avoid wasting food while making money for it!”

- Ian So, owner Chicken & Rice Guys

Our mission is to make sure delicious meals are tasted, not wasted.