What happens when a burrito and a non profit walk into a #movement?

March 9, 2018


Food for All began as a company that wanted to help the environment in today’s day and age with the widespread of global warming and climate change. After being shocked by the environmental impact of food waste (thanks Food Foolish , Just Eat It Just Eat It, and John Oliver ), we started getting closer to business that were already doing something about it when we realized: these businesses were too awesome, and more people other than their regular clients should know that... and that’s when Food for All was born. Our mission statement soon become to eliminate food waste by connecting people to unsold but perfectly good meals at a discounted price, based on our our three core values: help (the planet), save (money) and the best one of course, eat!

People are able to download our app for free and purchase meals that they can then collect one hour before the restaurant shuts. We have now more than 100 restaurants, cafes and delis that have joint our #movement in Boston and New York City. It’s a win-win-win solution for the environment, customers, and also the restaurants, since they are able to generate extra revenue from food that would have otherwise been thrown away.

But there’s no way we could talk about food waste without also talking about food insecurity and food accessibility. As our name reveals, big part of our mission is to make quality food accessible to ALL. So how could Food for All leverage its technology and network effect to empower anti-hunger initiatives? More than driving attention to them and their work, we wanted to come up with an impactful, reliable way to support nonprofits.

So it hit us: what if, instead of paying back our restaurants for the sold meals via Food for All, we donated the proceeds on their behalf? We discovered a way to transform food that would have otherwise been wasted into monetary donations to food banks! They can do SO much out of $1 and really create a lasting impact on food insecurity.

This is when Boloco literally flew into the picture. They became the first restaurant to agree to participate donating their proceeds. This way, for every half price burrito sold via Food for All, $3.50 is donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank. Another reason to go loco with Boloco (wink, wink).

Now you may wonder: why not just donate the leftover burritos? To start, food rescue is a very complicated operation, with high logistical and storage costs, not to mention the manpower required (usually volunteers). Also, rescuing prepared meals is even more difficult, since their shelf-life is very short, and there’s no charity open when most restaurants close. This way, nonprofits usually operate with minimum amounts of food, which leaves out many restaurants who don’t meet these quantities. In other words, it wouldn’t be worth it to put in so much time and resources for just a couple of burritos.

However, by selling these burritos for half price through Food for All and donating the proceeds, not only we cut the operational costs of rescuing it, but we also multiply the social impact of these meals. This is because with every $1, The Greater Boston Food Bank can provide 3 meals for those in need, so $3.5 = 10 meals!!! How great is that?!

The partnerchip between us and Boloco has been a guacin success. We have sold over 250 meals in the first three months, resulting in $1,124 being donated to the food bank, enough to generate 3,372 meals to hungry people! Now we’re looking at the other restaurants in our community that need to join this initiative to help, save, eat, donate, and of course, repeat.