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Increase your revenue

Generate additional income by selling your surplus food that would otherwise go to waste!

Reduce costs

Save money by eliminating the costs for waste disposal collection, raw materials, preparation and labor.

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Reach new customers

Increase your exposure to new and local customers through our fast growing platform.

Free marketing

Get promoted through our local press releases, email campaigns, SEO and social media.

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Easy management tools

In our online platform, you can easily control your Meals' options and quantity for the day, see your orders, and refund customers if you run out of food unexpectedly.


Free sign-up, no monthly charges, and you can cancel anytime. We operate on a small commission per processed order.

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Increase your sustainability branding

Show people you actively fight food waste and hunger by partnering with FFA.

Help the planet

By reducing food waste, which is a major contributor to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.